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Monday, May 9, 2011

Scarves! Scarves! Scarves!

Scarves have been the perfect accessory to get us through the chilly winter, and luckily these handy fashion aids aren’t going away anytime soon! We just received a shipment of great spring scarves! Super soft to the touch and lightweight, our scarves will keep you comfy, cozy, and unbelievably stylish! From colourful tribal and floral prints to bold leopard prints; the range of styles and colours seems almost endless!
Not only are scarves a quick and easy way to polish off your look, but there are infinite ways to wear them! Having difficulty making yours look just right? Take a breather and follow these step by step instructions for my top 5 favorite scarf looks!

Look 1: “The Muffler”
1.      Fold a rectangle scarf in half, lengthwise.
2.      Fold one end so it is in the middle of the other end (if your scarf has tassels, you will want them to be the end you fold your point to).
3.      With the point in the middle of your body tie the two ends together behind your neck.
4.      Adjust to your liking J
Look 2: “Four-in-Hand”
1.      Fold scarf in half, place behind your neck with a loop on one side and the two ends on the other side.
2.      Pull one end through the loop, twist the loop and pull the other end through.
3.      Adjust! 

Look 3: “Layered-Knot”
1.      Place scarf on your neck with both ends behind you.
2.      Bring each end around to the front (so they are crossed behind your neck).
3.      Adjust to make sure this first loop is comfortable.
4.      Cross one end over the other and bring this end up through the back of the loop you have just created.
5.      Pull this knot tighter, make sure the front end is hanging longer and covers the one behind.
6.      Pull your first loop over top to cover this knot.
7.      Adjust! This is a very sophisticated look!
Look 5: “Shrug”
1.      Drape the scarf around your back and pull the ends up over your arms.
2.      Tie the ends of the scarf behind your back.
3.      Presto! A quick cover up for Vancouver’s crisp summer nights!

Look 4: “Turban”
1.      Fold large square scarf into a triangle shape.
2.      Drape scarf over the head and cross ends at the back of the head.
3.      Wrap the ends around the front of your head and tie in the center.
4.      Place longer end on top of shorter end and tuck under (between scarf and head). 

All scarves available at Lushuz!

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